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Non-moderated E-Poster Exhibition Order

- All the E-Posters will be displayed on the virtual site for APAPU 2022.

Exhibition Number Title Presenting Author
P-01 Dysuria Due to Annular Hyperplasia of the Bladder Neck in a Female Child Yanze Wang
P-02 Technical Advantages of Modified Day Surgical Procedures for Penile Reconstructive Surgery over Inpatient Procedures and Standard Day Surgical Procedures Haoxuan Yang
P-03 Undescended Testis: Characteristic and Management in Makassar, Indonesia Muhammad Asykar Palinrungi
P-04 A Rare Case of Idiopathic Retroperitoneal Fibrosis in a Pediatric Patient Dainiel Edgar Reyes
P-05 Efficacy of Dextranomer/ Hyaluronic Acid Copolymer (DX/HA) Injection in Management of Vesicoureteral Reflux in Children- A Paradigm Shift in the Management Sharjeel Saulat
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